Eddie & The Robbers
The man behind the renowned Jordan F1 Racing Team and
the man who gave Michael Schumacher his F1 Debut….
Is now the man behind the drums giving it some serious revs
with his rebel band ‘Eddie & The Robbers’
YOU MAKE ME SMILE Digital download available HERE
On April 17th 2009 The Robbers released the single 'You Make Me Smile' on Universal Music in aid
of the leading children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent.
The band have waived their royalties and all net profits from the sale
of the digital downloads will be paid to CLIC Sargent.
CLIC Sargent

Featuring the
Godfather of Corporate Punk
Eddie Jordan on drums

Ably accompanied by
The Robbers

Johnny Robber
Vocals and Keyboards

Pete Robber
Bass and Vocals

Matt Robber
Guitar and Vocals

Mr Poodle
Guitar, Percussion & Stuff

Eddie & The Robbers at the 'T in the Park' Festival 2008
The 4 piece band are
occasionally joined on
stage by many of Eddie's
"guest " Robbers
such as; Roger Taylor,
Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford,
Damon Hill, Bryan Adams,
Roger Daltrey
and Felim Gormley
(The Commitments).
  Heroes Square, Budapest, Hungary.

On keyboards and lead vocals is Johnny Robber.
Johnny has recorded and toured extensively in Europe and the USA.
He has released many recordings for major and independent labels in his own right.

Bass player and vocalist Pete Noone has written music for television and played in
Roger Taylor’s band The Cross for four years.
During that time the group made three albums and toured throughout Europe.
He then joined Jonathan Perkins’ band MISS WORLD touring the U.S.A supporting
Shakespeare’s Sister. Pete has done session work for Mick Ronson, Roger Daltrey,
The Pretenders and Joe Elliot from Def Leppard.

Matt Exelby on guitar and vocals studied at Leeds College of Music and like
Pete has recorded and toured with Roger Taylor of Queen.
He has also played on the Appleton Sisters' single 'Fantasy', which reached
number 2 in the UK.
Matt has played alongside Brian May, Bob Geldof, Mike Rutherford and
Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd fame).

Mr Poodle on guitar, percussion and black ops.